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Mother`s Day Tasty food for a special lunch


Shrimp Won Ton
Shrimp seasoned and braised with fresh herbs. Comes with cream stew sauce.
Salad Crispy Calamary
Mixed greens salad covered with crispy calamari rings in spice powder with yogurt sauce.
Assorted Sushis
02 tuna with cupuaçu, 02 salmon with passion fruit and White fish with brown sugar and ginger.

Main Course

Indian Salmon
Salmon stuffed with banana, curry, brown sugar, ginger and served with cream cheese risotto, fresh tomatões and chives
Beef and Vegetables Stir Fry
Steak thinly spiced, pepper, garlic, bean sprouts, chinese vegetables served with jasmine rice.
Sushi Combo 19 pieces
Sashimi (03 salmon ,03 tuna brullé and 02 sea bass), sushi (02 tuna ,02 salmon and sea bass) 04 hot fila


Varietties of Desserts: 
>Mini brullé lemon grass cream, harumaki of dried fruits, chocolate brownie and caipirinha lichyee mousse and passion fruit ice cream.
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